“[Tyranny cannot be safe] without a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace.”
-James Madison, autobiography
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While this film will educate any activist, it was also directed at winning over swing votes, and showing the importance of the right to arms to anyone but Sarah Brady. For that reason, the persons interviewed are primarily legal academics, and include some of the biggest names in American constitutional law. Further, the original historical writings are shown during the discussion, so that the viewers can see the materials themselves. Viewers don’t merely hear experts discussing how the Founding Fathers and their friends wrote about the Second Amendment – they can read the original articles themselves as they are being put in context.

In Search of the Second Amendment also reaches out to groups, such as minorities and women, whom the traditional message has largely neglected. It points out how attempts to confiscate arms from Black Americans led directly to the 14th  Amendment (1868), and how those confiscations were intended to render them vulnerable to Klan oppression. It shows how our first feature-length film (“Birth of a Nation,” 1915) celebrated the Klan and the disarmament of Blacks, and how during the Civil Rights era, civil rights workers armed themselves to stave off terror, joined the NRA, and even used arms to break up a Klan rally. It discusses how self-defense is especially important to women, and studies indicating that women disproportionately use firearms in self-defense.

We’ve had enough educational efforts that preach to the choir – this one can be used to win over people who aren’t already on your page!
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