“Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks. Never think of taking a book with you.”
-Thomas Jefferson, letter to his nephew
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Here are some responses by viewers, in the first month of release:

<> This is the first documentary on the Second Amendment and covers the bases with the best available Second Amendment/Constitutional authorities. The presentations are reasoned and scholarly, but very engaging and readily understandable by the lay person. It is a "must have" for anyone seriously interested in the Second Amendment as a civil right. The documentary sets an incredibly high standard for any documentary which follows it; unless Second Amendment law takes some bizarre turns in the next several years,I don't imagine it will have any competitors soon.


"I ordered your 2A DVD and I received it today (2 days).  I've already  watched it.  It is much more than you could have ever promised.  It is a "soup to nuts" resource on The Second Amendment and The Fourteenth Amendment and their relationship to each other and to us as individuals.  The history is fantastic and it ties into the present day flawlessly.  EVERY American, EVERY person (in the world) should see this to let them all know that we have this right to self-defense and protection."



The belief that the Second Amendment was intended to give powers to the states instead of protecting a right to own and carry personal arms is thoroughly demolished with complete accuracy.

As an NRA Certified Firearm Instructor and NRA Membership Recruiter and owner of my own popular pro-gun Web site, there was still things on this DVD that I was able to learn. Well done,Mr. Hardy. Get this DVD if you want the truth about the Second Amendment.


" I just got done watching it last night and thought it was absolutely fabulous. What a great history lesson on one of our most neglected and least mentioned liberties.I don't see how anyone who espouses the "collective" rights nonsense will be able to defend their illogical position anymore even though we know their house of cards was and is falling all around them and that it is a 20th century invention."


<> If you know anyone who is interested in history, or on the fence about gun control, I would recommend this video. You will certainly walk away with from it with a greater appreciation of the Second Amendment as one of the palladiums of our liberties than you might have had before. The other positive thing about Dave’s documentary is that it gets well spoken, educated individuals in front of the camera talking about a subject that many people wrongly associate with ignorant and uneducated whackjobs.  Don Kates is compelling discussing his civil rights background, and there is a lot of discussion about the unsung role that arms played in the civil rights movement.

So if you have anyone in your life who is on the fence about the second amendment, or the subject of gun control, I would order them a copy of the documentary and watch it with them.  It’ll present the subject in a way they’ve probably never experienced, and might even get them to change their minds.

<> SJ





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